The Supermarket Aisle Revolution

It is those last crucial minutes of the shopper’s purchasing process that are vital for brands to own. Those pivotal moments, when the shopper is still umming and ahhing down the supermarket aisle or walking through the thoroughfare of outlets at the local mall, moments away from their next big purchase. In these final minutes, anything can happen, any brand can be placed at top of mind and placed into the trolley, and retail outlet can be stumbled upon and entered.

For these reasons, point-of-sale has always been regarded as an important media channel and a crucial last step in “sealing the deal” with the customer. And as competition in the retail space intensifies, particularly for FMCG brands on the supermarket shelves, the importance of the retail channel as a way to influence purchase, has also grown. However, the priority brands place in the retail space, their investment in it, and innovation in the sector varies somewhat.

Some clients consider the supermarket space as the last bastion of communication to shoppers and actually plan that component of the marketing mix before they do anything else.

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