The Future of Point-of-sale

Point of sale (POS) advertising has the power to make or break a sale and turn potential customers into purchasers but will the emergence of new technologies help or hinder?

Encompassing the media that advertisers use within stores, shopping centres and retail outlets, POS has long been considered a marketers crucial last-line of attack in getting a consumer over the line. It is a fluid and diverse market and is undergoing a transformation as new technologies emerge and digital mediums grow in popularity.

Printed POS advertising traditionally dominates the retail industry and whilst advances have been made to print materials and the capabilities of modern printers.

Digital exists as an equivalent of traditional POS, but goes beyond that by enabling touchscreen, social media integration and the opportunity to extend the message beyond the store environment.

Digital POS, with more use of mobile and interactive technologies, looks set to offer retailers greater engagement and connectivity with their customers. If planned and executed well the integration of these technologies has the potential to enhance the customer retail experience and contribute to the retail brand.

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