Marketing Challenges for Not for Profits

What is one of the biggest challenges you face in marketing a not for profit organisation? 

With most of the challenges underlie resources of money, time and people, or lack thereof….. sound familiar? Stretching resources in a not for profit is a constant, as you fight for every dollar and manage projects with next to no surplus funding.

Therefore how you market and promote your organisation in a competitive market with every not for profit fighting for the donation or the fundraising dollar? How do you find a way to cut through and successfully promote your cause?

In this case it is definitely a case of knowledge = power. Knowing more is half the battle. You have little time or money to get it right as it is, so spending money in the right areas to get your key messages out is vital.

Even marketing experts need to constantly keep up with trends, consumer habits, technologies and communication strategies that connect with customers, so finding ways to connect with the community to ask for support with no tangible reward is even more testing. This is no mean feat and there is much more of an art to it than meets the eye.

Utilise limited resources more effectively through learning more about marketing for not for profits and reach your mission and vision goals. This workshop is tailor made for the individuals responsible for marketing their not for profit organisation in mind.

You will learn the core principles of marketing that you need and work through ideas of how to implement effective communication strategies. Empower yourself through knowledge.

Top tips:

  1. Plan your resources to meet your key objectives
  2. Stretch your budget to get the best Return on Investment
  3. Make technology your friend and utilise the best digital and social media platforms to your advantage
  4. Create campaigns that make people really think
  5. Open your mind before you open your wallet!

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