Why do small businesses struggle to get their marketing right?

It is a question that has become even more relevant in recent years as business owners and managers strive to achieve sales results without understanding fully how to keep up with the changes and trends in marketing and how to best promote their business.

It is no surprise that marketing can be one of the most challenging areas of running a business. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly it is because most business people are specialists in their own area of expertise, not in marketing itself. If you are not a specialist in an area of business the most obvious thing to do is outsource……but small business usually don’t have the financial resources to do this so it is not a viable option, nor do they truly believe they should, because marketing is something they should be able to do themselves……. right??

Secondly because quite frankly even marketing experts need to constantly keep up with trends, consumer habits, technologies and communication strategies that connect with customers. This is no mean feat and there is much more of an art to it than meets the eye.

Therefore knowledge is at the core of what is challenging with marketing and where business owners, particularly of small to medium business find the biggest issues.

Budget can be a key consideration and challenge for small businesses, finding techniques that help stretch your dollar and create marketing ideas that won’t break the bank….. it’s all about ROI (Return on Investment) so open your mind before you open your wallet!

Top tips:

  1. Planning is under rated – so make sure you plan your strategies carefully
  2. Knowing what your customers need is vital for marketing success – so find out how to find out!
  3. Understand the importance of your value proposition and the benefits to your customers
  4. Find the most effective forms of advertising for your business, and relevant platforms to use in Social Media
  5. Make it count! Convert your marketing into Sales.

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