Essential Steps to Drive Your Email Marketing to the Next Level

Email marketing entails a lot more than merely building your list of subscribers and sending out a few emails from time to time. This approach is about as effective as dropping business flyers into random letterboxes in your neighbourhood. Sure, you will get some takers, but the conversion results will be extremely low.

With so much new technology on hand to track, analyse and make adjustments to your email marketing strategies, it would be madness not to take full advantage of these invaluable tools.

While tools for tracking and analysing data are growing more and more sophisticated, it’s impossible to fully understand the habits of every single reader of your emails out there. However, that being said, automated marketing tools are getting closer and closer, and what data there is available is there for you to take advantage of to increase the overall effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns and drive your business engagement and conversions to greater heights.

Depending on who you team up with, various marketing automation software has different ways of both presenting and analysing data. As an example the two giants in marketing automation software – Pardot and Marketo – work differently. Pardot bases its data in percentage terms determined by the activity of subscribers, whereas Marketo use an averaging system to estimate activity and engagement.

Set Some Goals For Your Email Marketing

No doubt you have set, and continue to set, goals in other areas of your business, and email marketing should be no different. You also have to decide what success means to you when it comes to email marketing campaigns.

This will vary from business to business, depending on what products or services you are offering, and whether your business is predominantly online or offline. Many offline businesses will use email marketing to lure customers into their physical stores by sending exclusive deals available only to email subscribers. Whereas, an internet based business will be likely hoping for online conversions of some sort.

Work out the goals for your email marketing campaigns and define what the success of those goals actually means to your business. Make certain everyone involved in the campaign is aware of the goals and desired outcomes.

In addition to the above, you also need plans in place to optimise your email campaigns, and have the adaptability and flexibility to adjust things as you go.

Write Some Captivating Newsletters

Newsletters can generally be defined in two categories:

  1. Regular daily, weekly, monthly informational newsletters with occasional deals and promotions.
  2. Email blasts that send out information regarding a new product launch or a time sensitive deal.

Essentially newsletters can contain anything you like, but they should always serve to increase your brand awareness and trust through providing value to the reader in some form or other; whether that be through a discount on a product, or useful information.

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