Sales Skills for Franchisees

Growing a business takes the right skills

The beauty of being part of an established franchise is to benefit from brand, systems, process and marketing that will provide structure, know-how and brand recognition. However, you need to ensure that you are converting that marketing effort into profit through effective sales techniques.

Marketing and sales go hand in hand, but with franchise models this function needs to be clearly defined and implemented for the system to work at its best. Individuals become involved in a franchise business for a variety of reasons and bring with them a wide range of expertise and industry knowledge.

In many cases skill sets around sales may need to be improved or developed altogether. The Marketing Division provides learning to franchisees in key areas of the sales process to increase knowledge in:

  • Identifying new business opportunities
  • Maximising existing business
  • Presentations and meetings
  • Establishing client needs
  • Questioning techniques
  • Handling objections
  • Closing sales
  • Post sales support
  • Building solid business relationships
  • Enhancing the customer experience
  • Working with teams as part of a franchise group

We offer assistance through training or consulting developing strategies that would work best for your franchise business, analysing sales materials, techniques and productivity.

If you require training for Franchisees to develop business sales plans we can work on sales skills and planning together: 

Business Development and Planning for Franchisees

Overview of Expertise – Sales Skills for franchisees

  • Maximising sales conversion: We examine the ratio of enquiries and quote conversion into revenue value, to ensure that you are optimising your sales processes
  • Developing sales strategies:Find out how to create strategic sales campaigns by thinking outside the square without costing resources
  • Building customer relationships: Customer/client relationships are the difference between building loyal, frequent and happy customers – remember it costs more to gain than maintain
  • Understanding your Unique Sales Proposition: Why should customers choose you above your competitors?
  • The psychology of the sales process: If you understand more about this process for your range of customers, you will have a better opportunity to provide a positive customer experience
  • Effective sales techniques: Find out how to stay ahead of your competitors in this changing business environment
  • Questioning methods: Learn what types of questions are useful – this will provide a better service to your customers
  • Reading body language and listening to consumer’s signals: In face to face sales situation and verbal conversations, it is useful to know when you are meeting your customer’s expectations
  • Closing the sale: Learnto close a sale successfully to provide a great customer experience
  • Establishing good business relationships: Build and maintain professional relationships that will keep business in the pipeline
  • Up-selling and Cross-selling: Learn how to positively service your customers and make a positive difference to your bottom line
  • Presentation skills: These sales skills are crucial, from one on one sales situations through to presenting in front of an audience. We will teach you the most effective ways …. to help you through the nerves!
  • Appointment setting: Just making an appointment can be half the battle!

 Professional training delivery

Our sales training is developed by Sandra O’Neill, Director of The Marketing Division, who has been in Marketing and Sales for over 25 years. Sandra is a Certified Practising Marketer as benchmarked through the Australian Marketing Institute and is a qualified Certified Trainer and Assessor, which means that the delivery is professional and relevant. The training is hands on and interactive and it involves all participants so everyone gets the most out of it. You can rest assured that your business training and learning experience is qualified, skilled and confidential.

Ethos is on teaching the ‘why’ so participants can understand the relevance of the ‘how’.

What’s included during training:

  • Full Presentation Training Notes for each participant
  • Certificate of Attendance for each participant
  • Relevant Workbooks ‘How To’ Guides

Make sure you are getting the profits you need from your franchise model

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