Custom Made Publishing

The realm of custom publishing is fast becoming big business. Brands such as Coles, Myer, Fernwood, Qantas, Foxtel and Blockbuster successfully use their own title publications to connect with their customers and are acquiring a loyal following in the process.

Custom communications are tailored to convey the unique identity of the brand. Brands value custom because it is a direct way to engage their customers. It’s the ideal medium to deliver branded communications in their own voice and without the ‘noise’ of competitor advertising.

Creating a custom magazine seems simple enough, but creating one that strikes a content balance between pushing your brand’s marketing message and the reader’s need for editorial integrity can prove a challenge.

Poorly produced publications can read like advertorial so businesses need to make sure that they are equipped for the challenges that this type of marketing presents. Most people are aware custom publications are a marketing tool, but they are happy to read about topics that interest them, provided the quality of content is high.

Good content gives business an opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competitors, engage their customers and built stronger client relationships.

Custom publishing as a marketing tool should complement your other marketing activities. It requires a long term commitment and a comprehensive understanding of your reader, but done right it can put a human face on your marketing campaign and project personality into your brand, becoming a powerful channel with which to engage with your customer.

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