Marketing Fundamentals for Small Business

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Marketing Training – Course: Marketing Fundamentals for Small Business

Courses are customised to your business, industry and participant requirements
Options Available: ½ Day Workshop – 1 Day Intensive – 2 Days Strategic
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In small business it is hard to be the jack of all trades and marketing has become more complicated that ever as we navigate the myriad of marketing platforms in this era of new technologies, constantly changing the goal posts. It can be difficult to keep up with marketing trends and demands on limited resources associated with small business; so this training is tailored to small business and aims to equip business owners and managers with insight on the most important aspects of marketing to survive in today’s business environment.

We incorporate digital, web, social and traditional methods. Uncover the methodology behind successful campaigns and understand how they can be adapted to your business and fit within your resources of budget, time and people.

Through our day to day involvement in the marketing field, our expertise is at the forefront with industry insight into cutting edge developments. Technology is moving quickly and so is the way in which consumers receive information, so marketing is a highly challenging and evolving area of any organisation, and small businesses are no exception. Training can be one on one to suit individuals or small groups. Find out how to fish where the fish are!

Key Learning outcomes

  • Must know principles of marketing
  • Capitilise on digital & social media marketing
  • Revise if your website is serving its purpose
  • Find out what your customers really want
  • Effectively reach your target audience
  • Create dynamic marketing campaigns
  • Successfully promote value proposition & brand
  • Create big marketing ideas on small business resources

Recommended topics may be customised

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Overview of Expertise – Marketing Training

Trends & changes: Business and consumer behaviour is evolving, understand the impact and leverage
Digital marketing: Review and implement effective digital campaigns, website and e-commerce strategy
Website strategy: Defining purpose and gaining results driven online activity
Social Media marketing: Understanding platforms and strategy that work best for your business model
Creating valuable content: Gaining online engagement and response
Develop a strategic marketing plan: Planning for successful business outcomes
Reaching your target market: Breaking down B2B/B2C market segmentation and customer profile
Recognising marketing opportunities: Identify new innovative ideas to  maximise your ROI
Creative advertising campaigns: Deliver messages with cut through and creativity
Implementing the marketing mix: Discover important marketing principles to apply to your business
Market Research & Analytics: Understanding your customers and what they want
Importance of Brand: Effectively promote your brand perception in your industry
Value Proposition: Determining organisational benefits to your customers
Manage a marketing budget:  Planning proactively to utilise allocated or limited financial resources
Develop a powerful database/CRM: Making the most of the information that you already have
What marketing works best: Finding balance between traditional and non-traditional methods
Marketing in tough times: Opening your mind before opening your wallet
Marketing with limited resources: Maximising limited resources of budget, time and people
Convert marketing into sales: Follow through strategy on sales conversion to increase profit
Marketing technology developments: Discover new digital technology and how it effects your business
Customer Engagement: Learn how to provide your customers with a positive customer experience
Designing effective marketing materials: Develop promotional collateral that engages customers

Professional training delivery

Our sales training is developed by Sandra O’Neill, Director of The Marketing Division, who has been in Marketing and Sales for over 25 years. Sandra is a Certified Practising Marketer as benchmarked through the Australian Marketing Institute and is a qualified Certified Trainer and Assessor, which means that the delivery is professional and relevant. The training is hands on and interactive and it involves all participants so everyone gets the most out of it. You can rest assured that your business training and learning experience is qualified, skilled and confidential.

Ethos is on teaching the ‘why’ so participants can understand the relevance of the ‘how’.

Training or workshop style short sessions are also available at conferences, seminars or sales meetings.

What’s included during training:

  • Full Presentation Training Notes for each participant
  • Certificate of Attendance for each participant
  • Relevant Workbooks ‘How To’ Guides

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