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Once you get your marketing working well and your customers are contacting you, ensure you are converting that marketing effort into revenue with effective sales strategies that promote a positive customer experience.

The Marketing Division assists in sales strategies as marketing and sales go hand in hand. We offer assistance to develop strategies that can optimise your business model.

We help with your sales materials and techniques, setting targets, forecasting and can deliver sales and customer service based training to increase your productivity. Even staff that don’t have a ‘sales’ title need to understand the importance of the sales process because everyone plays their part along the way.

Are your current strategies gaining maximum results?

  • Do you have processes in place to follow up with your customers?
  • Are you using the correct promotional materials?
  • Do you implement best practice procedures and techniques?
  • Does your team know the right questions to ask?
  • Can you handle objections with ease and overcome them?
  • Are you and your team comfortable in closing sales?
  • What are your conversion ratios?
  • Are your staff trained well in sales skills?
  • What is your presentation style?
  • Can you write competitive quotes and proposals?
  • Do you want to avoid feeling like a ‘sales person’ to your customers, yet achieve sales?

Sometimes although all the hard work is done, failure in an effective sales process can make it fall over, therefore establishing clear sales and marketing procedures will work towards increasing profit and provide an excellent customer experience.

Profit is derived from revenue, driven by sales. Every part of the sales process is important and there is a level of sales psychology involved to increase revenue streams. Find out how to use effective sales processes and add value to your customers whilst improving the bottom line.

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