Promotional Materials

Create promotional material that look good
and get results

Engage with your AudienceBrochures and other promotional materials are key marketing and sales tools, although too often too many decisions are left to printers or designers to decide on content and layout which is important to the purpose and design of your marketing materials.

To decide what information needs to go in and what information needs to be excluded should be strategic and depends on your overall marketing plan. Finding the balance between bombarding your customers and not giving them enough information can be hard. Brochures, flyers and any other promotional collateral are a important marketing tools and the design, content and message needs to be spot on for them to work well.

At The Marketing Division we can help you because we understand more about your business, your products and services and other key aspects that make your business unique, then we work with you to design your marketing materials in the way that will best reach your target audience. We also find out what you want to achieve with your marketing materials and create them with a clear purpose in mind. We will work with you to write good content and promote the message you intend to.

We can help you create, design, print and distribute:

  • Brochures
  • Company Profiles
  • Product Information
  • Sales promotions
  • Business Cards
  • Logo design

Clients We've Worked With

  • City of Gold Coast
  • NSW North Coast Tafe
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  • Griffith-Logo
  • TUH
  • boq-the-marketing-division
  • Open2View
  • Customs-House-logo
  • q1-resortandspa
  • Vulcan-Steel-1
  • Skydive Australia
  • Visual-Connections-logo
  • AMAP Engineering
  • morlife
  • Leeda Swimwear