Marketing in a changing business world

Marketing Consulting: On-site & Off-site Client Meetings
Services Provided: One off through to Project Work
Consulting Fee: Hourly Rate or Customised Proposal on Scope
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With so many new technologies and the trends in digital marketing it can become complicated to know what the best strategy is for your business. We can provide assistance in all areas of marketing and sales on a variety of levels.  Working in consultation with you, we can help you develop effective strategies and in turn help your business to reach more customers, offering professional, qualified, accessible and affordable consulting across a range of businesses.

The Marketing Division is effectively ‘Your Marketing Division’ and our business ethos is to empower you with the knowledge, information and business tools that enable you to make more accurate and informed marketing decisions. We can assist you with anything from marketing reviews to make sure you are on track, to working with you on your marketing plan and also assist with implementation if required.

You will directly benefit from relevant experience in local, international, corporate and SME Marketing – understanding trends and developments, translated realistically into your own business scenario. Working with The Marketing Division, you will get geared up to work continuously and proactively on your own marketing, but we are only a phone call away when you need a hand with your next challenge.

Marketing Services include:

Corporate or Franchise Consulting Services

The Marketing Division works with small to medium businesses, as well as large corporate business and franchises. From single business operators or family businesses to large teams within multinational organisations. We are effectively ‘Your Marketing Division’. We can also work directly with your staff through team consulting sessions and training. Our consulting is hands on so you are getting the most out of it.

We work in a wide variety of industries which include all types of Service, Retail, Professional Services, Corporate, Consulting, Financial, Legal, Medical, Trades, Manufacturing, Health, Fashion, Beauty, Online, Food, Home, Accommodation, Hospitality and Tourism. Every venture is unique and therefore requires specialised marketing. Our clients have target audiences of B2B and B2C or both, so we work together to reach the required demographic.

Small Business or Start Up

If you are in the process of starting a new business or launching a new product, we can help you with your Marketing Plan from the beginning. This should be an important component of your new venture. If you get it right from the start then you will save yourself a lot of time, money and effort and reach your marketing and new business goals faster.

Find out how to utilise the best marketing strategies and get it right.  We consult and train in a way that helps you understand the methodology behind the marketing strategies so you learn the skills you need to manage this process more effectively.All businesses have a need for good marketing…. so we offer services to all businesses!

Marketing Review & Analysis

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a professional, qualified and experienced marketing consultant to objectively review your current marketing strategies to see if you are on track? You can! We can review your business marketing with a detailed analysis of your business type, size, structure, industry, understanding your customers, products and services and then assess your marketing methods to ascertain if you are utilising the best marketing strategies for your circumstances and attracting better sales and returns for your efforts. We will prepare a detailed assessment report based on our review so you know what steps you need to take.

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