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Essential Steps to Drive Your Email Marketing to the Next Level

Email marketing entails a lot more than merely building your list of subscribers and sending out a few emails from time to time. This approach is about as effective as dropping business flyers into random letterboxes in your neighbourhood. Sure, you will get some takers, but the conversion results will be extremely low. With so much new technology on hand to track, analyse and make...

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Marketing Challenges for Not for Profits

What is one of the biggest challenges you face in marketing a not for profit organisation?  With most of the challenges underlie resources of money, time and people, or lack thereof….. sound familiar? Stretching resources in a not for profit is a constant, as you fight for every dollar and manage projects with next to no surplus funding. Therefore how you market and promote your organisation in a...

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Why do small businesses struggle to get their marketing right?

It is a question that has become even more relevant in recent years as business owners and managers strive to achieve sales results without understanding fully how to keep up with the changes and trends in marketing and how to best promote their business. It is no surprise that marketing can be one of the most challenging areas of running a business. There are two main reasons for this....

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Why Marketers Should Care About Mobile Page Speed?

People use their mobile devices to shop more than ever before. But the average mobile retail site doesn’t live up to expectations—leading brands to lose customers and sales. To find out which factors lead to mobile site underperformance, Google partnered with SOASTA, a leading analytics company. There’s no doubt about it: Shoppers expect brands to deliver fast, frictionless mobile experiences. And those expectations keep rising...

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What Virtual Reality Will Mean for Advertising

It’s still early days, but virtual reality is quickly gaining mainstream attention. Global search interest on Google grew by nearly 4X in the last year.1 What will a future with virtual reality mean for advertisers, creators, and storytellers? VR for everyone Virtual reality used to be the stuff of science fiction. Today, it’s become a true reality. Why now? For one, the ubiquity and quality...

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The Customer Journey to Online Purchase

The modern customer journey is complex. So it’s important to focus on the key moments that can help inspire people to buy your product or service. Millions of consumer interactions were analysed through Google Analytics to show how different marketing channels affect online purchase decisions. What are the most important moments along the journey for your customers? Simply choose an industry, business size and region...

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20 Marketing Tips for Small Business Success – Infographic

20 Marketing Tips for Small Business Success – An infographic by the team at The Marketing Division Embed 20 Marketing Tips for Small Business Success on Your Site: Copy and Paste the Code Below 20 Marketing Tips for Small Business Success – An infographic by the team at The Marketing Division Share the knowledge...FacebookTwitterLinkedinGoogle+Redditemail

A Wealth of Health

The demand for body beautiful continues to grow a profitable health and wellness industry in Australia with low-fat, low-salt and no added preservatives becoming familiar catch-cries on our supermarket shelves. According to research by Nielsen the abundance of health minded media messages are reflective of the populations’ attitude toward health concerns with 55% of Australians aged 14 and over avoiding unhealthy food and 52% expressing...

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Connecting With Older Customers

A staggering growth in popularity of app technology may come as no surprise considering the success of Apple’s iPhone and iPad technologies. What may surprise many however is the extent of the app’s appeal to older consumers who are utilizing the technology to access written, audio and video content online. With the 55-plus age group now accounting for 20% of sales, these online developments are...

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The Supermarket Aisle Revolution

It is those last crucial minutes of the shopper’s purchasing process that are vital for brands to own. Those pivotal moments, when the shopper is still umming and ahhing down the supermarket aisle or walking through the thoroughfare of outlets at the local mall, moments away from their next big purchase. In these final minutes, anything can happen, any brand can be placed at top...

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