What marketing methods will work best for my business?

This will depend on a number of factors such as: your products and services, your customers, your brand, your budget, your industry, your competitors and current trends. Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet, however making calculated and educated marketing decisions is crucial to the success of your business.

How many staff can be trained at a time with customised business courses?

We can tailor our Professional Development courses to your requirements and because we can conduct onsite training at your premises we can fit within your specific needs, so we can discuss the best approach depending on your circumstances and timeframe.

How do I decide where to Advertise?

This will be determined by your marketing plan and the strategies you decide on. Your advertisement will need to cut through to your intended target audience and therefore the media type must capture this demographic through a clear campaign and message.

What should my marketing budget be?

Some businesses work off a percentage of turnover and this figure is determined by the type of business and industry. It is best to work through this process as part of your holistic marketing and/or business plan. However, if you have a limited budget, start with key strategies that match your resources and are conducive to your objectives and target audience. Then reinvest into your business, growing it organically.

When should I write a marketing plan?

Now! If you don't already have a strategic marketing plan in place, then you should as soon as possible. Ideally, this planning should take place at the beginning of any new business venture or product launch, however, this is commonly not the case. It is an ongoing process and needs to be reviewed and refined on a regular basis. Better late than never.

Do I need a marketing plan?

All businesses need a marketing plan. Having a clear strategy in place will save you time, money and effort. It will put you in better control and enable you to make more informed business decisions and help you understand what strategies you need to implement. If you don't have a plan .... how do you know where you are going?

Why is marketing so important for my business when I get word of mouth business referrals?

Marketing is crucial for any business, no matter the size, structure, industry or type of business. Promoting your business in a professional manner is crucial to the overall success and positioning of your brand. You are in business to make profit, which is derived from revenue, driven by sales which are made by customers. Reaching your customers through successful marketing will help you achieve these goals.

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