The Rise of Multi Media Multi-Tasking

Australians continue to engage in ‘cross-consumption’ behaviour to access information and content- whether it is across media, devices or screens either at the same time or otherwise. 75% of online Australians engage in media multi-tasking, with laptop computers being used to simultaneously access the internet whilst watching TV.

Online Australians continue to spend more time accessing the internet than any other media with an average of 21.9 hours per week in 2011. One of the key drivers to the way Australians’ media consumption is changing is the continued rise in ownership and usage of mobile devices. Penetration of the Smartphone is set to reach almost two in three online Australians by the end of 2012.

2011 saw participation in social media remaining steady, with growth in areas relating to interacting with/connecting with brands via social media, and also in the popularity of consumers actively publishing their opinions about brands via social media. Social networking activities continue to attract some of the most frequent conduct among online activities, with over 70% of online Australians browsing other people’s content on social networking sites, as well as reading their online reviews, discussions or comments about brands, products or services.

Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are expanding from being primarily communication based, to being a source of information and increasingly, for engagement with brands and organisations, with close to 1 in 4 Australians ‘Like’ a brand or organisation on Facebook on at least a weekly basis.

The challenge for marketers and advertisers is to understand how to tailor messages in such a multifaceted landscape. Brands and organisations adapt their strategies to interact and connect with consumers in their chosen environment, which is fast becoming the internet.

Source: B&T Magazine, March 02 2012

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