Recognition of Prior Learning

officeguy01If you have worked in the field of marketing and sales but do not hold any formal qualifications, The Marketing Division offers RPL so you can get recognised for your experience and upgrade your career!

Recognition including recognition of prior learning (RPL), is the process for giving candidates credit for skills, knowledge and experience already gained through working and learning. It can be obtained at any stage of your life, through formal and informal learning, through work or other activities such as volunteering.

The AQF (Australian Quality Framework) facilitates the progression of students through qualifications by giving credit for learning outcomes they already have achieved. Credit outcomes may allow for entry into a qualification and/or provide credit towards the qualification. Credit given may reduce the time required for a student to achieve the qualification.

RPL undertakes an assessment of your application to determine the extent to which your previous learning is equivalent to the learning outcomes of the components of the destination qualification.

Upon the relevant requirements we undertake consultation with you to assess your current skills and review your evidence of experience. If it is identified that you need any gap training to complete the qualification we can assist with this also.

We offer RPL Qualifications in:

Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication
Diploma of Marketing and Communication
Advanced Diploma of Marketing and Communication
Diploma of Business
Advanced Diploma of Business
Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management

If you want to find out how to advance your career and receive formal qualifications for experience that you already have contact us to discuss how we can start the process.


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