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Add to your Qualifications, study onlineAs marketing and sales specialists, The Marketing Division offers distance learning of nationally recognised qualified courses to develop and advance your career. Because we are industry experts, we offer our students industry expertise!

Our focus is only on marketing, sales and business so our course development is dedicated to preparing you for a career in the field so you will gain your qualification knowing that you are ready for this evolving and dynamic industry. We also provide training to businesses directly, so you can be confident that we are training relevant and topical matters.

With this in mind our online Business and Diploma of Marketing courses offer modern marketing activities with a depth of knowledge which encompass real scenarios which every student can relate to. We explore relevant case studies and practical examples that highlight the methodology and keep up with the ever changing world of marketing.

If you own, manage or work in a business you will have the opportunity to explore this in depth through our learning model so you will gain benefit from the skills to implement even before you finalise your qualification. You will become equipped for work with the experience and knowledge you need to prepare yourself and have an edge over other job seekers and businesses through education that is current in this vital area of business.

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Student Support

At the Marketing Division we can also support our students with career preparation in marketing, sales and business through assistance in the following areas:

  • One on one mentoring session
  • Assistance writing or updating your Curriculum Vitae
  • Recommendations for internships or work experience

Study at your pace through a combination of facilitated distance and online learning to fit in with your career and lifestyle goals.

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