Social Marketing – Change4Life Campaign Success

Change4Life – A Recipe For Success

Social Marketing can be complex and unpredictable but as the recent Federal Health campaign Change4Life has shown when planned and implemented correctly it works as a powerful tool.

In 2007, the Department of Health assembled a team of marketers and charged them with developing an ambitious national campaign to combat the rise in childhood obesity. Customer segmentation was key within the planning and development stages allowing resources to targeted towards those families most in need of help and gleaning marketers a vital insight into why those families behaved as they did.

Launched in 2009 the campaign created a new brand identity and effectively reframed the obesity debate bringing together an unprecedented coalition of local, non-governmental and commercial sector organisations to help families change their unhealthy attitudes and behaviours.

The campaign strategy of a big brand idea rather than an advertising one saw brand awareness top 90% and two years on Change4Life continues.

Source:  Market Leader Magazine – January 2011

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