Google Enters The Social Ring

Google’s latest foray into social networking has advertising and marketing executives excited. It looks to be a case of third time lucky for the technology company with their third attempt, Google + now being hailed as a genuine rival for its Facebook and LinkedIn counterparts.

Launched only a mere month ago, the site already boasts more than 18 million users- no mean feat considering the platform is still in an invite only test phase.

Advocates of the site say the Circle function, which is unique to Google+ and allows users to organise the people they interact with into individual groups and choose which circle they share information and updates with, combined with a group video chat feature- will offer advertisers unparalleled opportunities for targeted advertising and two way conversation with the consumer.

Google’s advantage lies in its wide suite of products, including YouTube, Google Chrome and Gmail which allow the company to collect insights from users throughout their entire web experience.

Source: B&T Magazine – August 2011

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