Business Development & Planning for Franchisees

Business Development Planning tailored for Franchisees

Once you get your marketing working for you and your customers are contacting you, then you need to ensure you are converting that marketing effort into profit with effective sales strategies.

The Marketing Division assists in sales strategies as marketing and sales go hand in hand. We offer help in deciding what strategies would work best for you and your business. We help with your sales materials and techniques, setting targets, forecasting and deliver staff customer sales service training and work with you to increase your sales productivity. Even staff that don’t have a ‘sales’ title need to understand the importance of the sales process because everyone plays their part along the way.

Are your current processes getting maximum results?

Do you have processes in place to follow up with your customers using the correct sales materials, strategies and techniques? Do you know the right questions to ask? Are your staff trained well? Do you want to avoid feeling like a ‘sales person’ to your customers, yet achieve sales? Often when all the hard work is done, this is where the process can fall over, so you need to make sure your sales processes are working.

Profit is derived from revenue, driven by sales. Every part of the sales process is important and there is a level of sales psychology involved to make sure you get the success you need for your business to be successful. Find out how to use effective sales processes and be helpful to your customers whilst helping the bottom line.

Make sure you are getting the profits you need

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