Diploma of Marketing and Communication BSB52415

New changes to this qualification have been initiated by the Government as specified by the Australian Industry Skills Councils which will be changing this course structure and we will be rolling this out during 2016, with the new qualification available from May 2016.


diploma-in-marketing-and-communicationsWhilst the current form of the qualification is still available we will be transitioning over to the new qualification and welcome the opportunity to discuss with you, the best options for you depending on your learning requirements and timeframe.

Contact us directly for the new course structure

The move to update this qualification has combined the Diploma of Advertising qualification and is set to improve the overall skills and knowledge required in the industry. With all due consideration and a validation process this new qualification is incorporating additional skill sets and topics (such as digital marketing) that are new to the Business Training (BSB) AQF packages.

As specialist’s trainers in the field of marketing, The Marketing Division is proud to have been involved in the validation process and we will be amongst the first in Australia to develop and deliver these new qualifications to students around the country, both via distance based learning and face to face in some locations.

The Diploma of Marketing has been superseded with a current teach out period in progress and will be replaced by the: Diploma of Marketing and Communication BSB52415

These brand new qualifications are also available:

As industry experts we have the leading edge in resources and relevant knowledge to ensure that you are gaining maximum benefit out of these excellent new qualifications which are needed in the industry and will be highly regarded in the years ahead. The changes keep up with the developing and evolving world of marketing, sales and business which reflect the changes in technology and methods businesses use in today’s environment.

If you are looking to study marketing contact us for the new course outlines, topics and start date to be one of the first in the country to obtain this new qualification!

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