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Congratulations on requesting our Course Guide.

Thank you for your enquiry. This course is a highly recognised national qualification which will assist your career development and practical industry learning.

The advantage of training through The Marketing Division, is that we offer only specialised industry training. Here are some key areas of how we help our learners achieve their goals:

  • We offer a much wider variety of elective units for our courses, because we only focus on marketing and business sales related topics. Most training institutions only offer a set package of units. We have carefully chosen our elective units because we know what the industry demands (both corporate and educational) and we understand what is relevant for today’s evolving business environment.
  • We pride ourselves on our innovative development so our learning resources are current and modern, not ‘off the shelf’ materials that are years old. This is crucial in day to day marketing practices with the movement to the digital and online marketing era.
  • We have the flexibility to teach and assess in modules rather than singular units, therefore students don’t need to double up unnecessarily on assessment tasks for similar topics. Your learning experience is more relevant as subjects complement each other.
  • Our on-line training offers you live scheduled webinars, which are very important for learners for the purpose of interactive real time learning from an industry expert. If you are unable to attend a live webinar, a full recorded version will be available to you immediately.
  • Your trainer is accessible by email or phone and we take a personable approach to assist each student individually to prepare you for marketing in today’s world.
  • As a learner, you are able to use your own business or workplace scenario in your assessment project, to enable more relevant and applicable learning. This not only provides you with a qualification, but also the ability to add immediate value to your business practices.
  • The Marketing Division is a member of the Australian Marketing Institute and therefore we have a leading edge in marketing and related business areas with up to the minute access to latest trends and information.

To obtain an enrolment form, contact using the Contact Form or phone on 1800 286 068 to discuss your goals.

We look forward to the opportunity of training you in this exciting and evolving industry!

Kind regards

Sandra O’Neill

Founder, The Marketing Division

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