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The constant in marketing is change! We live, work and play in an environment of newly developing trends in digital technologies that affect our business, lifestyle and in turn consumer behaviour. Understanding how to communicate with your customers in the most effective way is your key to success.

We provide a range of modern marketing courses for businesses in this fast changing area. Maintaining a competitive edge can be challenging so it is necessary to keep up with trends and understand what strategies will work for your business model.

The Marketing Division was founded with the ethos of offering a specialised, professional and practical learning experience, drawing on real case studies, examples and first hand knowledge to assist the training process and ensure that you are gaining an appreciation of how the marketing principles apply to your own business.  We firmly believe in teaching the ‘why’ so understanding the ‘how’ can be adapted to strategies going forward.

Through our close association with marketing industry bodies and experts, we are immersed in marketing activity on a day to day basis with businesses and education providers. Consultation with business owners, management and staff will ensure we create a course to suit your knowledge base, team experience, time frame, budget and industry. Through identifying the gaps we develop the training to fit into your holistic marketing strategies. Key focus is on expanding skill sets and strategic planning processes.

We can customise to your requirements, below are some ideas on marketing training that we offer.
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Digital marketing principles

Successful marketing in this era of digital communication has become increasingly competitive and it can become confusing with so many platforms available. Digital presents many benefits to traditional forms of marketing; however it is important to use these avenues correctly with clear strategies and carefully managed implementation.

Key Learning outcomes (these are recommended topics and may be customised as required)

  • How technology has changed the game
  • Foundation principles of successful digital marketing
  • Communicating with your audience electronically
  • Website content and management
  • Social media strategies
  • Creating effective digital campaigns
  • Complimenting digital with traditional marketing

Develop a marketing plan

Most businesses find coming up with creative and profitable marketing ideas challenging, so the best place to start is by developing a marketing plan that is suitable for your own business, industry, products, services, budget, time and resources.

By setting a strategic plan you will be far more likely to succeed in achieving your business goals. If you don’t already have a marketing plan in place then now is the time to start.

If you don’t have a plan, how do you know where you’re going?

Key Learning outcomes (these are recommended topics and may be customised as required)

  • Get more bang from your marketing buck
  • Increase sales productivity & ROI
  • Brand and value proposition
  • Combine traditional & digital strategies
  • Avoiding costly mistakes
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Managing budget, time & man power
  • Review & measure results
  • Marketing plan template (provided)

Marketing in Small Business (SME)

In small business it is hard to be the jack of all trades and marketing has become more complicated that ever. It can be difficult to keep up with marketing trends and demands on limited resources associated with small business; so this aims to equip small to medium enterprises insight on ‘tricks of the trade’. We incorporate digital, web, social and traditional methods. Uncover the methodology behind successful campaigns and understand how they can be adapted to your business now.

Key Learning outcomes (these are recommended topics and may be customised as required)

  • Must know principles of marketing
  • Capitilise on digital & social media marketing
  • Is your website serving its purpose?
  • Find out what your customers really want
  • Effectively reach your target audience
  • Create dynamic marketing campaigns
  • Successfully promote value proposition & brand
  • Create big marketing ideas with small business resources

Content and Communication

Communicating good content is a vital part of marketing in today’s world. This field has revolutionised in recent years through interactive technology which has in turn changed the way we do business and altered business processes, consumer behaviour and expectations.

Marketing content needs to be on point to stay ahead in your industry. Uncover key content ideas to promote value proposition and customer engagement.

Key Learning outcomes (these are recommended topics and may be customised as required)

  • Planning content in campaigns
  • Delivering relevant messaging to your audience
  • Content across multiple marketing platforms
  • What to say in social media posts and blogs
  • Keeping communication on brand
  • Create content messages that cut through
  • Measuring success for improvement

Strategic marketing for Not for Profit organisations

With marketing demanding valuable resources, Not for Profit organisations face their own unique challenges to maximise the precious marketing dollar often with limited budgets. Learn how to think outside the box to implement key strategies that focus on increasing revenue and support, rather than profit while achieving your organisational mission.

Key Learning outcomes (these are recommended topics and may be customised as required)

  • Foundation of traditional principles of marketing for NFP
  • Review the success of your current marketing to seek improvement
  • Examine how to achieve your organisational mission and vision
  • Successfully promote your brand to society
  • Capitilise on digital and social media marketing in your community
  • Create dynamic and cost effective marketing campaigns
  • Allocating limited budgets and resources to get positive ROI

Other training course topics include:

  • Marketing management
  • Digital, website & social media strategy
  • Developing a strategic marketing plan
  • Marketing in a new business start up
  • Marketing strategy for small business/SME
  • Combining sales and marketing principles
  • Enhancing customer experience
  • Converting marketing to revenue
  • Starting a career in marketing

Find out more about these courses

Overview of Expertise – Marketing Training

Time to Learn Marketing

  • Marketing trends and developments: In one of the fastest moving areas of business – understand what’s hot and what’s not
  • Essential marketing for all businesses: If you think creative marketing campaigns are just for big businesses with big pockets then think again!
  • Digital marketing: Examine your digital campaigns, website and e-commerce strategy
  • Website marketing: Effective content and communication
  • Social Media marketing: Where it fits into your business
  • Recognising your marketing opportunities: Let us help you identify new and innovative marketing opportunities to increase sales and maximise your return on investment
  • Understanding the marketing mix: We examine the principles of the marketing mix and apply them to your business model
  • Reaching your target market: B2B, B2C or both; understanding your customers and what they want
  • Importance of brand: Examine your brand and value proposition
  • How to manage a marketing budget: Many businesses work on a reactive or limited marketing budget, so learn to make the most of your resources
  • Difference between marketing and advertising: We examine the range of marketing promotions and find out where everything fits in
  • How to develop a powerful database: Making the most of the information that you already have
  • What marketing works best for you and your customers: Find the right balance between traditional and non-traditional forms of marketing
  • Marketing in tough times: Open your mind before you open your wallet
  • Marketing on a budget: Marketing on a shoestring
  • Develop a strategic marketing plan: Planning is the key to success – if you don’t have a plan in place, now is the time
  • The relationship between marketing and sales: We look at how sales and marketing processes have changed with digital technology and and why that effects your business in today’s business environment
  • How technology has changed marketing: We look at how new digital technologies have changed marketing and and how it effects your business in today’s business environment
  • Designing effective marketing materials: Promotional collateral with an edge
  • Creative advertising campaigns: Getting your key messages across creatively

Professional training delivery

Our sales training is developed by Sandra O’Neill, Director of The Marketing Division, who has been in Marketing and Sales for over 25 years. Sandra is a Certified Practising Marketer as benchmarked through the Australian Marketing Institute and is a qualified Certified Trainer and Assessor, which means that the delivery is professional and relevant. The training is hands on and interactive and it involves all participants so everyone gets the most out of it. You can rest assured that your business training and learning experience is qualified, skilled and confidential.

Ethos is on teaching the ‘why’ so participants can understand the relevance of the ‘how’.

Based in Queensland, we also have training facilities available in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Cairns, Adelaide and Perth. Alternatively we can work with you on-site at your location in Australia or New Zealand.

Training or workshop style short sessions are also available at conferences, seminars or sales meetings.

Anne Street Boardroom Brisbane TrainingTraining is delivered at your premises or our modern training venues across Australia.

Gold Coast Office Building for Marketing Training




Training on the Gold Coast is delivered at our modern training facility in Corporate Court, Bundall where you can enjoy the spectacular views.

What’s included during training:

  • Full Presentation Training Notes for each participant
  • Certificate of Attendance for each participant
  • Relevant Workbooks ‘How To’ Guides

To discuss in person how we can help your business please call us on 1800 286 068 or contact us

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