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AMI LogoSandra O’Neill, Founder & Director of The Marketing Division, facilitates a variety of courses throughout Australia for the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI), based on current business marketing trends and requirements.


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Must Know Marketing for Small Business

Workshop Outline: 

Find out the techniques and strategies that large organisations use to gain market share and captivate their audience. In today’s challenging business environment it can be difficult to keep up with all the new marketing trends. This one-day interactive workshop aims to equip you with an understanding of the key principles of marketing in this ever evolving area of business. This is tailored for Small to Medium Business Enterprises (SME’s) to provide the level of skills needed to implement effective marketing practices that are ‘must knows’ to keep ahead of the game today. We focus on the foundations and explore new methods to incorporate digital, web, social media and traditional marketing. We discover how to successfully engage your customers and learn what marketing strategies will work best for your business. Uncover the methodology behind successful marketing campaigns and understand how they can be adapted to any small business. This workshop is practical using a variety of case studies that all industries can relate to. Gain professional insight on the marketing tricks that big business use and discover how you can apply them to your business now without costing you a fortune and achieve the results you need from your marketing.

Topics to be covered:New Business Marketing2

  • Traditional & new must know principles of marketing
  • Capitilise on digital & social media marketing
  • Is your website serving its purpose?
  • Find out what your customers really want
  • Effectively reach your Target audience
  • Create dynamic marketing campaigns
  • Successfully promote value proposition & brand
  • Create big marketing ideas with small business resources
  • Introduction to a Marketing Plan

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Creating Effective Advertising Campaigns

Workshop Outline: 

What form of advertising works best for your business? Magazines, Radio, Google Adwords, Facebook, Billboard, Newspaper, Television? How do you know if your advertising is working effectively and that you are getting a good return on investment? If you don’t have the answers, this one day practical workshop to understand more about advertising in the right place and communicating the right message, will be crucial for you. With advertising competition fierce, both on-line and off-line, all forms of media want a slice of the action, so find out where to spend your precious advertising dollars with greater confidence. Find out how to create dynamic and cost effective campaigns to engage with your audience and get better responses and sales outcomes. This workshop is hands on, creative and interactive suitable for all marketers and business managers who need to get better results from their advertising dollar.

Topics to be covered:

  • What advertising suit your needs & budget?Engage_with_your_Audience_1
  • What makes advertising successful
  • Establishing a creative brief to promote
  • Online Advertising – Google Adwords/Facebook & Digital Media
  • Psychology of consumer response to advertising
  • Create ads with cut through that people respond to
  • Effective layout & design techniques that engage
  • Allocating budget & ROI
  • Advertising within your marketing plan

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Create a Successful Marketing Plan

Workshop Outline:

If you need some direction with your marketing then this one-day workshop to develop a plan is ideal for you. Most businesses find coming up with creative and profitable marketing ideas challenging, so the best place to start is by developing a marketing plan that is suitable for your own business, industry, products, services, budget, time and resources. Every brand has its own unique characteristics, so maximise the most effective ways to increase your return on investment through engaging with your audience to produce frequent, loyal and return customers. By setting a strategic plan you will be far more likely to succeed in achieving your business goals. This workshop is interactive and practical as we develop your individualised plan using a template that you will retain and add to as a working document. Plan how to combine traditional marketing methods with digital, social media and web based marketing as a holistic approach. We will work together to set out your individual objectives; come up with key strategies and tactics that you can implement immediately. If you don’t already have a marketing plan in place then now is the time to start. If you don’t have a plan, how do you know where you are going?

Topics to be covered:

  • Get more bang from your marketing buckMarketing_Plan_1
  • Increase sales productivity & ROI
  • Combine traditional & social media strategies
  • On-line strategy through digital & website
  • Avoiding costly mistakes
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Managing budget, time & man power
  • Marketing plan template
  • Review & measure results

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Maximising Sales Conversion

Workshop Outline:

In this intensive one-day workshop we link your marketing activities with successful sales conversion strategies to maximise sales turnover and profits. We work on enhancing sales skills and knowledge to improve sales processes and by teaching key principles that in turn lead to improving success in sales conversion rates. Learn techniques to improve sales performance such as setting targets and managing time and productivity. We look at how consumer behaviour in sales is evolving through changing business practices bought on by technology and modern marketing and the new psychology of the buying process. Find out how to make a successful sales presentation and prepare a sound sales proposal. Together we will improve key techniques such as questioning, anticipating, isolating and overcoming objections and closing sales to achieve better results in your sales department. This workshop is interactive and suitable for all sales and marketing professionals who need to up-skill in sales practices to achieve better sales results.

Topics to be covered:

  • Increase sales efficiency and profitabilityMarketing_Sales_Growth
  • Setting and achieving sales targets
  • Effective questioning techniques
  • Anticipating and overcoming objections
  • Successfully closing the sale
  • Positive up-selling/cross-selling approaches
  • Client needs analysis and building relationships
  • Expanding productivity and time management
  • Sales presentation skills and writing proposals

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Marketing for Not for Profits

Workshop Outline: 

With marketing constantly evolving  for many businesses, Not for Profits face their own unique challenges and this workshop uncovers how to maximise your marketing dollar for your organisation. Working with limited budgets and resources, Not for Profits have to be more strategic and get the best ROI with traditional forms of marketing being unattainable for many. We learn how to think outside the square to promote brand awareness and uptake teaching your practical skills and a level of understanding that can add value immediately.

We focus on the foundations of marketing for Not for Profits and explore new methods to incorporate digital, web, social media and traditional marketing without breaking the bank. We discover how to successfully engage your community and society as a whole and review what strategies will work most effectively. Uncover the methodology behind successful marketing campaigns and understand how they can be adapted to your NFP to achieve results and fulfil the specific mission of your organisation. This workshop is practical and interactive using a variety of case studies that are easily relatable.  Gain professional insight on other NFP case studies use and determine how you can apply them to your Not for Profit and reach the goals you need from your marketing.

Sales_Meeting_FiguresTopics to be covered:

Foundation of traditional principles of marketing for NFP

Review the success of your current marketing to seek improvement

  • How to achieve your organisational mission and vision
  • Successfully promote your brand and key messages to society
  • Capitilise on digital and social media marketing in your community
  • Think outside the square to create dynamic marketing campaigns
  • Allocating limited budgets to get ROI
  • Maximising and balancing your resources
  • Further your non-financial objectives
  • Introduction to writing a Marketing Plan

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