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All associates uphold the highest level of respect and responsibility as stipulated through the AMI Code of Professional Conduct.

Sandra O’Neill, Founder & Director of The Marketing Division, develops and delivers specialised workshops for the Australian Marketing Institute, based on current marketing trends and requirements.

Certified Practising Marketer


CPM is the qualification of a Certified Practising Marketer, as benchmarked by the Australian Marketing Institute.  It shows that you are a professional marketer recognised by your peers for your extensive experience and formal qualifications. It also means that you have made a commitment to ongoing professional development.

Every application to become a CPM is assessed on the individual’s merits. To qualify, CPM candidates typically have:

  • A minimum of five years of practical marketing management experience.
  • A recognised marketing qualification or 10 years of marketing management experience/practice.
  • Extensive marketing knowledge and background experience.

CPMs are required to undertake a minimum of 100 hrs (approximately 33 hours a year) of Professional Maintenance over a three-year period to maintain certification. PMP is subject to random auditing and must meet the criteria and policies set by the Australian Marketing Institute Accreditation and Endorsement Board Committee.

AMI Code of Professional Conduct

  1. Members shall conduct their professional activities with respect for the public interest.
  2. Members shall at all times act with integrity in dealing with clients or employers, past and present, with their fellow members and with the general public.
  3. Members shall not intentionally disseminate false and misleading information, whether written, spoken or implied nor conceal any relevant fact. They have a duty to maintain truth, accuracy and good taste in advertising, sales promotion and all other aspects of marketing.
  4. Members shall not represent conflicting or competing interests except with the express consent of those concerned given only after full disclosure of the facts to all interested parties.
  5. Members, in performing services for a client or employer, shall not accept fees, commissions or any other valuable consideration in connection with those services from any other than their client or employer except with the consent (express or implied) of both.
  6. Members shall refrain from knowingly associating with any enterprise which uses improper or illegal methods in obtaining business.
  7. Members shall not intentionally injure the professional reputation or practice of another member.
  8. If a member has evidence that another member has been guilty of unethical practices it shall be their duty to inform the Institute.
  9. Members have a responsibility to continue the acquisition of professional skills in marketing and to encourage the development of these skills in those who are desirous of entry into, or continuing in, the profession of marketing management.
  10. Members shall help to improve the body of knowledge of the profession by exchanging information and experience with fellow members and by applying their special skill and training for the benefit of others.
  11. Members shall refrain from using their relationship with the Institute in such a manner as to state or imply an official accreditation or approval beyond the scope of membership of the Institute and its aims, rules and policies.
  12. The use of the Institute’s distinguishing letters must be confined to Institute activities, or the statement of name and business address on a card, letterhead and published articles.
  13. Members shall co-operate with fellow members in upholding and enforcing the Code.


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